Unicorn Productions

Joy Coy

Joy Coy is a burlesque dancer, producer and instructor based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.A classically trained dancer with a flair for theatricality, she balances grace and agility in her enchanting performances that meld vivid movement and sensual striptease.

In 2011 she began performing burlesque with Albuquerque’s award-winning troupe Burlesque Noir. Joy quickly became a local favorite in New Mexico and is an up and coming performer in the national community, having performed on stages from coast to coast.

Her poise and beauty captivate audiences in every act she does.

Venus de Folie

Burlesque performer, producer and professional flow artist Venus de Folie is the Land of Enchantment’s premiere traveling hoopstress. Venus has been dazzling audiences for more than five years with her entrancing and hypnotic productions that combine hula hooping and striptease to create an unforgettable spectacle on the stage. Her acts range from fun to fierce and have graced stages all over the Southwest & other areas. A co-producer with Unicorn Productions, Venus works with her team throughout the year to produce The New Mexico Burlesque Festival in her hometown of Albuquerque. 


Venus teaches private and group hoop lessons and can be contacted through her email, venusdefolie@gmail.com, for more information.

Annie O’Roar

Annie O’Roar has been twirling her ta ta’s in Albuquerque, NM since 2011. A founding member of Unicorn Productions, she is both a performer and producer. Her acts range from classic to neo-burlesque, and she has a fondness for fringe, snakes and fire. She is also the author of local favorite memoir: Burlesque, Yoga, Sex and Love: A Memoir of Life under the Albuquerque Sun.

Lottie LaRouge

From Albuquerque via Southern Nevada, Lottie LaRouge is a dancer and actress who is both nerdy and dirty. She is known as “The Nerdy Girl Next Door”, “The Double O 7-Double D”, and “That 70s Show-Girl”. Lottie’s acts incorporate classical dance, comedy, and general bawdiness.  She has performed in burlesque festivals and in local shows with the Rebelle Alliance, Dirty Deeds Burlesque, Vagrant Variety, Arthaus Burlesque, and various shows at Sidewinders Cabaret Theatre. Lottie enjoys dance, theater, drag, and hanging out with kitties.


Raven Lass

A member of Unicorn Productions​, this social media seductress began burlesque in 2016 and loves, loves, loves to…. play with your heart strings. With a flair for performance arts, she established a name for herself as a local and published model. Raven Lass has a knack for making friends, grotesquely overusing the F-word, and giving the best “f-ing hugs.”

Nymph Nocturna

“Glitz and grind! Let the lusty vixen, Nymph Nocturna, slink into your mind. If you’re not mesmerized by all her rhinestones, be assured you won’t veer away from her stellar long legs. Hailing from ABQ, New Mexico, Nymph pairs her classic cat-like spirit with hair flips and floor humps. Working as a full-time costumer, she decorates both burly-babes and muggles alike. Nymph also lends her skills as a Co-producer with Unicorn Productions, bringers of the New Mexico Burlesque Festival.”


Ave Machina

Ave Machina has been lighting up stages across the southwest since 2011. Currently a co-producer with Albuquerque’s Unicorn Productions, she made her dance debut touring with the award winning Burlesque Noir, having competed for best troupe at the 2014 Tournament of Tease.

 Ave is a fire eater, cosplayer, alt model, and a multi-disciplined artist with imaginative acts that range from classically elegant to darkly bizarre. She infuses a passion for circus arts, science fiction, classic glamour, and storytelling into her unique body of work. Witness the ‘Machine Dream’ as she brings these imaginative visions to a stage near you.

Mimi Mantis

Mimi Mantis is a burlesque performer that ran away to the desert and never looked back. Attracted to Albuquerque’s Route 66 neon lights like an insect to flame, she has been kittening in the Duke City since 2018. On a perpetual quest for the weirdest thing in the antique store, Mimi finds inspiration in vintage oddity and exploitation film. She may look like the praying kind, but this Mantis certainly has a sinful side!